miércoles, noviembre 28, 2007

Barcelona does things

The guys at 24 Kilates have designed a New Era and matching New Balance's.
Peep the image here.
Pol called me some months ago telling me about it after he saw the "Mosaic" tee, based on the very same Parc Guell. But its all love fellas, the results of his design look great and I already ordered shoes and matching hat!
At least, Barcelona is on the map, as he says on his highsnobiety.com interview!

Be sure to pass by the shop when u in town.
And Leah from MOB also does things, lots of them. I message her yesterday and asked for updates...she just sent me to her log to peep them. Only one time we tried to meet and she couldnt make it because she was on court. Amazing. Shes doing big things, check the Karmaloop video:

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