jueves, noviembre 01, 2007

As the world turns...

As Bobby posted on his THE HUNDREDS page, I begun emailing with him like 2 years ago when I stepped on TH tees everywhere I was going. I used to email Bobby the pics and he would post it in his page and send me free shit. Amazing deal I thought! ;-) Some years later here we meet again in front of his shop, and for some reason, he digs the Barcelona ink.

Had to check production of the upcoming season 2 tees. Confirmed stockists:


Stay tuned.

And kicked it with Yoshi and fam from Foreign Family. Good things coming from one of my fave brands in LA...
Los Angeles life keeps going.
First full day of the trip was one of the longest I can remember from a trip overseas. Yesterdays "to-do list" was huge...

I have to say it. The best haircut I ever got was in Queens, New York, in june this year. Stupid and simple things like a haircut make a difference. Im sorry to say yesterday got one of the worst haircuts ever in Korea town. Looks like they dont know what a fade is, and I paid the price.

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