jueves, septiembre 27, 2007

And the crazy week award goes to...

Its been a crazy week.
All I can say is that I wake up too early to work til too late and do too many things. One of the busiests 2 weeks ever in my life.And 1 full month ahead... One of the best things these days its been breakfast...
Have you ever wondered how cool is to wake up and have a nice breakfast at home while haviong a chit chat with your partner in crime?
I hadnt done that in a while, at least during the week.

Sum up a new unlocked Iphone craze.
Sum up an urge to shop like theres no tomorrow like my lady does and not having anything to buy. Why girls have so many shops to go to and spend like 40 euros and get a lot of cool stuff?
Sum up a new fish at home, with an amazingly fancy fishtank with bubbles and fake plants inside, and pink, yellow and red food.
Sum up new furniture pieces arriving 6 weeks after you order them.
A new rug for winter.
Season 2 designs (2 ready).
A trip to Los Angeles later in october (5 days in october...who called me crazy for having the shortest holidays ever?)

Some of my duties while in LA will be appear in every blog active, spread the word on the new world order in street wear and whatever aka WORLDWIDE and find out what goes on during Halloween in the west coast... last year was the east coast!
And seriously, make about 2 articles for national magazines based on tattoo and porn. Thats it. Porn pictures and tattoos, what an amazing mix...

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