miércoles, julio 25, 2007


Maybe some people dont like Tokyo, or even Japan in general. Maybe, and I say "maybe" because I dont know anybody who hates this land. Its been 3 days already here and feels like being in a dream. I even managed to tell an american friend this is like being in a dream, trying to understand how this city, the people and everything else works.

if you know japanese people, think about how many tiems they say "no".... a few? none? You will always get a "yes" first and then an explanation on why the "no" is the best answer or option possible. I should put that "chat" tactic in practice.

On the streetwear, fashion or hype world...no news at all. Im just focused with the skateboarding side of TOkyo, and its people, although I managed to spend 10 minutes inside of a ToysRus, and could grab some cheap toys, while my japanese guide was wondering what the f*uck I was doing buying toys for 10 years-old. My answer was easy: "Ey, its a spanish thing"

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