viernes, julio 06, 2007

Closing day

Bread and Butter came to its end today, and even managed to get on The hundreds page...

Besides the hype, the brands, the limited edition craze, the patterns, and the all over prints, and all the other craziness that surrounds us, the most important thing during these days have been the people.

My idea is that behind every brand, there's a guy, or two, or three, and getting to know those individuals make you appreciate a brand and make a brand turn into an idea, and love it, feel it and embrace it.

Im honored and happy to have such friends as... they know who they are, doing their part in this game, and sharing a laugh, a joke and even political issues between us.

Fuck streetwear, its all about fun, doing creative things and build something out of nothing with faith, passion, and sincere feelings.

Some snaps from the fam:

*The Staple Crew. Supporters of "Worldwide". Pioneers. Nico the tapas lover. Iphone show. Pantone freaks. Kings of NYC

Chad "Foreign family". One of the worst ping-pong players alive. Hard worker. Sincere human being. Maybe the brother of "Data" from "The Goonies". A great individual.

Chris Hull from "Freshjive". Carbon Fiber lover. Amazing blogger. Funny dude. And taking FJ to a higher level. And know him since the VAPORS Mag times!

PD- Somehow, Nima from Digital Gravel is always on the background of my pics...he wants to stay undercover...

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