martes, junio 12, 2007

Snaps from NYC

Im back home. Its been a come back focused on finishing the new office and setting everything ready for summer.
Its been an amazing trip to New York City. All I can say is that Im blessed to have the friends and homies I have in that wonderful city. Thanks to all the people I met, and the ones I met again. Nico and Jeff from Staple, Shawn Roche and Ruby, Alex from Supreme/Starks, Natalie from Brown babies and David, and all the friends I met along the trip. Its been amazing how good I can feel in a foreign country, and thats been because of you all. Thanks.

And back to the city things will be set to work out 1st july and on. New office will be ready in a minute and the machine will begin moving from there. Im going to work on season 2 in two weeks with already some ideas coming up.
The plan is to expand with production and hit European shops with the next season.
Anyone interested can email for inquiries at this email.

And right now the plan is to finish an article for UNO Magazine. Its based on panoramic skateboard pictures shot with my loved hasselblad XPAN. I shot a full article for the issue coming out mid july. All black and white, no color. No fish eye... just straight natural light and no flashes. Back to the basics.

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