sábado, junio 16, 2007

Reppin "Worldwide Love"

Makes you feel good when people reps your stuff and the stuff that took a lot of work gets featured somewhere, specially in blogs like The Hundreds "The Feed". The T-Shirt "Worldwide Love", is getting quite some... "love"!

So Ruth from Trust Nobody felt like wearing her "Worldwide Love" today...you know, its saturday and maybe tonights the night!

And today another day at last with the SNT Family. Looks like Dogway Skateboard Magazine is having a 10 year party for the end of the month. All the Barcelona Snt OG's// Worldwide Family will be hitting the north of Spain in a special and unforgettable weekend. Think about 20+ crew. By the way, today we ran light on soldiers... but enjoyed the sun and the relax of Sants Estacio plaza...

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