sábado, junio 23, 2007

London adventures

One amazing train station...

That was at 7pm. I couldnt believe this many people drinking in the streets.

And that picture on the upper left is PablO Dominguez, the spanish skater that was chosen to be part of this event. The photographer had to shoot a pic of him through London skating some ledges that Blueprint and Nike SB UK had installed through the streets of the city. The photos every country photographer would be printed and put in this amazing expo on thursday at the Gallery 95 space. Of course, the spanish one was the best one...

Didier, the star of the show. We called him to meet with him, after years without seeing him. He grew up in Spain, thought he had to find his way in life and left home to pursue his dream. He's one of more focused guys I know. Hes been living in London for 10 years, coming back to Barcelona to meet the homies every now and then, and hes part of the infamous SNT Crew. Cool guy, hard worker, who will move soon to new York to work and get married with his girlfriend from Iceland.
NYC...be ready.

And the spanish crew! Me, the photographer aka "Xelito", and the skateboarder Pablo Dominguez.

The shoes that caused all this. The Abbington Blueprint designed shoes from Nike SB.

And to all those saying that the Zoom Tres dont work, shut the fuck up. They work wonders, and my man James did an amazing job. James, leave a comment! Jajajaja!

Hunter and someone ...

This girl was spanish, we even managed to cross some phrases before a horde of english men attacked and and tried to jump on her bike. Amazing.

The same english men when we left the expo.
And now time to be home for two weeks, getting ready for Bread and Butter and enjoy life.

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