viernes, mayo 25, 2007

Worldwide Office

Its been around 6 months I left the apartment I stayed 2 years at. Los Angeles can have their Fairfax community. Well, I can say Barcelona has "La Eixample" which is basically a nice neighborhood that some fellas designed in the 1900's to make the city more accesible and best suited to drive around, and have a neighborhood based on square blocks where they would place houses. This neighborhood is what we can call now "Downtown", without falling in the topic of the Starbucks (We have one thou...), the malls and all that.

So "Worldwide" got a new place, and right now is in the process to make it the begining of the "Eixample" community (In skateboarding/Streetwear that is). Theres another kind of community in the barrio, having "Bear Bar", or "Leather shop" as example, which even makes the barrio cooler and more colorful. With just a few steps you are in one of the best spots for flat and curb wizary called "Universitat", and close to Trust nobody, Free skate shop, or TacTic skate shop.

So basically, to have my hands full on things, theres the finishing production of season 1 dropping first week of june, fixing the new the office/HQ, and 3 international trips for june that will have me away from home nearly the whole month...
And yeah, moving all the stuff I have stacked in a rented space outside the city (That means boxes of shoes, toys, Dvd's, furniture from my old place and anything you can think of)...

Wish me good luck.

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