miércoles, mayo 16, 2007


First two Tees of the Worldwide project are scheulded to drop at Digital Gravel first week of june. Production is already on it, details have been finished and as a little baby, these two "Fuck you hippie" and "Worldwide Love" will be available exclusive at DG.

The Worldwidee x Attack Graphics collabo tee is finished and already in production. More than one will be excited about this one. I think is the only white tee dropping first season...

Theres a secret project coming along that should be finished at the end of the month. Already checked tests and looking great, hopefully will break some molds.

Im also finishing a new feature for UNO Skateboard Magazine based on panoramic skate photos and an interview to the one and only "Croco".

And ey, Im back in NYC 1st june til 10th june. Hopefully will meet some old friends and finally give myself some holidays. Besides some super short holidays I had (Like the german 3 day weekend I had in february), this trip will be labeled "The summer holidays", because I wont go anywhere else without a laptop and work to do...
And ey, I know she will kill me for this, but the one and only Ruby will be in Nyc by the day Im there, so this is just my homage to her. She s a really good PR/marketing right now in Austria

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