viernes, abril 20, 2007


Just some answers on the new line of tees dropping in july because things will be a little different than the two models that dropped during last Bread and Butter in Barcelona (That was january07 but it looks so "long time ago").
The first two tees were special edition, and those came with a special bag, hand stitched labels and special folding.
One of the tees, the Barcelona one, is sold out, the Doom tee is still in stock.

The new stuff that will be out in july will be distributed through Digital Gravel website (Nima secretly is a big fan of mediterranean stuff), and will have the same double side label on the lower part of the tee, and a special printed label in the neck part (No labels so tees are more comfortable).
There will be 5 tees, one hat, and one special item... secret stuff...

Just thanks for the inquiries and the interest on the new project. Coming

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