miércoles, abril 11, 2007

On and on

And now Im in Bilbao. This feels like a rollercoaster doesnt it?

This week basic travel kit:
1. The always with me Apple PowerBook G4. I can do anything with it. It has all my music, my videos, movies, photos, work, Bluetooth... EVERYTHING. Cant go on travel without it.
2. The "always with me when Im travelling for work" SecurID Card. This little thing gives you access to the underground email world of the swooshes. Magic numbers. Enough said.
3. The Apple Video 30 Gb. Amazing. I can have movies on it, all my gigs of music...You know it... And with leather case.Ah!
4. And the low profile new "Harbor" from Nike Sb's. Good looking, black. What else can you ask for?

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drb dijo...

jajajjj me localizaste he cabron!!! jajajajj gracias por abrirme la puerta del mal,lo malo es ke me trague las llaves!!! y no se puede salir de akiiii!!!

drb dijo...
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