martes, abril 24, 2007

NYC Streetwear article

End of october, thanks to Des and Nat from The Brown Babies, I visited NYC for the 4th time. The plan was to have some holidays and make an article about the situation of the streetwear scene in NYC. I talked with King Stampede, Mishka, Jeff Staple, Alex from Starks/Supreme, and got dressed as Jason Vorhees for Halloween. I planned on visiting more people from brands, but didnt have time...!

A full week of new adventures, overall a strange trip with too many things to talk about, and the result is already in the streets, with this article. If you in Spain the magazine is free and goes around 15.000 copies. if you are reading this, and are from the outside, you can always check it out here.
Thanks to everyone that made the article possible, this week will send your copies.

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