martes, enero 23, 2007

Sold OUT

The "Barcelona" tee is officially SOLD OUT and only a few units can be bought at "Trust Nobody" physical store in Barcelona, all the units have been sold out in the website.
The "Doom" tee is still available here, get yours and rep the best villain ever, nearly defeated, and show how moguls can be defeated too.

By the way, today I found out I can have a cure to my allergy. After years and years of having allergy attacks due these little bastards called "Acaros", and that are found on dust and similars... I got told today I can get a total cure if I get vacunated for times in a month and then for a year once a month. Sounds stupid but if somebody knows what an allergy attacks feels like, imagine being mazed and have crying eyes for a full day and watery nose for the same period. March my cure begins...

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