sábado, enero 13, 2007

On it...

So basically all the stuff is safely in the makings. All the hand made details are on the way to be on the 16-1-07 in stock at Trust Nobody physical store and in the WORLDWIDE website ready to ship.

We hit Highsnobiety webpage these last days. And no, we aint even rappers, or anything like that, the Trust x Worldwide collabo is a funny tee with a twist. We up to have fun and rep our city.

...and also featured in Slamxhype...

And yesterday night while putting together the tees, watching a stupid Tv show and discussing about how to fold tees, got an email from James, some of you might know his work: Hes the shoe designer for some footwear brand some of you know... And due Julio and me have our blog war on hold (I do at least), he wanted to collaborate on the war on my favor... so James addition counts as mine right? Thats some fire right there, and the baby paul Rodriguez in takasi's colors count... His email went like this:

"Saw Seb's posting with his Maiden Dunk Hi's. Got those, but I thought I would add my contribution to the worldwide blog competition.

-James A"

Sunday more work and hopefully monday night the first run of the tees will be ready to distro.

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