lunes, diciembre 11, 2006

Its a fam thing

Been a while a crew like this wasnt rolling deep.Skateboarding day.Photos and sequences. Back in photo biz again. Skateboard paparazzis, tremble. Here comes the pain!

And its amazing but my homie "Muerte" was rocking these dunks....

... James! Whats up with this colorway! The craziest thing is that he asked his mom, that visited China some weeks ago, to get him some "Nike SB's". His mom came back with 2 pairs of shoes. One that went for around $20 Us and the other went for around $15 US... I checked the shoes and besides having a crappy "Air zoom" to call it something, the overall quality was good. Its crazy how chinese guys just make their own shoes. Bad thing is that I like the shoes and all.

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