domingo, diciembre 24, 2006

Its coming...

Talked about it some time ago, now its reality.
"Worldwide" tees coming soon.
Take it as a brand, take it as a statement, and a loyal way to rep what got me in the game.
First tee will drop january 2007 in Barcelona during B&Butter. First graphic is a collabo with a worldwide known shop (That will be kept secret til the same week of the event), second graphic is this homage to one of my fave villains: Doctor Doom.
Halftone printed graphic, no plain black-white tee, printed in the US (Always testing new ways of doing things), and just 50 units made of this one.

To reserve yours, email WORLDWIDE Sales and get your first tee on. Its going to be 30 euros each tee.Specify size to reserve yours. First come first served. These will begin shipping mid january.
Nice packaging, and crazy collabos coming soon in 2007. Stay tuned and dont miss the first tee from this thing... we Worldwide, dont hate.

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