sábado, diciembre 23, 2006


I remember when I was a little boy. And no, Im not a little boy anymore, somehow a big boy, but I remember when xmas was coming, all the joy I had and how excited I was. I remember filling the xmas letter to Santa months ago the "date" and sending it somewhere in the local mall where some dude was dressed like Santa.
I used to ask for a lot of toys. I got a lot of Secret Wars figures, the He-Man figures, and the fewer figures I got were The Transformers one. I remember those were the most expensive ones, and they were not available everywhere. I remember some school mates had the rigle one, Optimus Prime and other ones.

Now we are getting the movie and I can feel like a little boy again, because these xmas this is no longer the same. Am I the only one that focus more on giving presents than getting them?
These days will be focused on shooting a full article for UNO magazine, playing Xbox 360 (Ey Dave, I got Rainbow Six Vegas so watch out for me in the Xbox Live world), trying to get on my skateboard again and finishing a project with Nima from Digital Gravel. Ah, holidays from work, like Lil Rob says "I´d only stop to start again".
And while we all wander around the city looking for a present to our loved ones, I just can say merry xmas to all my fiends. Feliz navidad.

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