miércoles, diciembre 27, 2006

Been there and what

The guys over at tendencias.tv manage like an internet fashion-street wear program based on news in the Barcelona and spanish communities in general. They have featured some stuff Ive been connected with, like the launch of the Nike Sb team Edition shoes I designed that dropped in May worldwide.
Some weeks ago they covered the launch of the Nike Sb "Italian Collection", in Trust Nobody shop in Barcelona.
Peep the vid and look at the ugly guy talking...


And yeah, Rainbow Six vegas is an amazing game. Been thinking about Playstation 3 for a minute, but after playing with some Xbox360 games I have, I came to the conclusion the $$$ on another Sony game system wont make it. I even saw the system in action in Florida and that wasnt "that good". Maybe some folks can tell me how good Sony is at ...whatever...processor speed, or games, or options or whatever. All I can ay is that Im sticking to the Xbox system.

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