martes, octubre 03, 2006

A week in the islands

A week in Ibiza sounds crazy uh? Well, its been all about skateboarding, looking for spots and skating, filming and shooting photos. Ferrer, the owner from the shop EZK8 took us around. See the pics and you can see his shop. Filled with SB goodies, and the very best skateboarding hardware, and meeting point for the skate community there.

So this week has been like driving around, taking care of minor problems, making sure everyone is happy and managing biz even on the island. How that was possible? Thanks to my super bag. "The super bag" was a plastic bag filled with what you see in the pic. Some food, a Blackberry, another blackberry, the rented car key, gatorade, the new Ipod Nano, ...

And of course those ads said "Skating is the best part"....In the pic Quentin de Briey, frontside kickflip in a school we went and asked for permission to skate to the head of the school. The amazing thing is that people was studying while we shot this. Students were all looking through the stairs. Great spot.

And looking for spots we found this abandoned water park. It was so spooky I was even scared to get in certain places of the place. Imagine "The shining" and you get the picture. Roura wanted to skate one of the ramps but ended up not shooting a pic. We even got in some rooms that had electricity, and some machines were on... Spooky to the fullest.

And after a week of skating from 12 to 21 we had to rest for at least some hours and we headed for a mission: Find a nice beach. We found this place called "cala salada"...and well, check the pic. Amazing place to have a bath, get some relax and kick it with the homies. Roura,me and Kike kicking it in the Ibiza sunset.

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