sábado, octubre 21, 2006


In one week Im heading to NYC again. 4th time. This time arranged an article for a spanish magazine. Last time I was there was to skate with the SB spanish team. Was a hard week. Lots of rain and bad weather.
First time I visited Melissa, a friend who lived in the suburbs with a broken Porsche car in the entrance of the house. We went on tour though the east coast from Boston, to Nantucket, to NY, to Staten Island... crazy tour with a Subaru car.
Then went alone to shoot photos and stayed with Jeff Pang, greatest New Yorker ever.
Then the SB spanish tour, then this time...
I found the stuff I got published in an italian skateboard mag from my 2nd time in the city, or Big Apple. It was for Freestyler Mag in Italy (2 posts in a row about italian people?).
In the article (It was published also in Spain), got Maldonado in a nollie backside tailslide, Zered Basset and Ryan Nix (I think that was his name), and some other people cant remember their names. Was my first trip with my digital Nikon camera (D2H).

This time is all about street wear, shops, interesting people and Halloween. And of course, Batman pijamas. An interesting article can come up from the trip. And of course will check this movie there:

And yeah, its weekend again.

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