jueves, octubre 19, 2006

Cristiano for president!

Getting back to the office can give good and bad surprises. The good surprise today that I made it back from travelling, has been, between many boxes, finding a present from the very best italian I know: Cristiano. I work with Cristiano, and to be sincere, I never thought Id find an italian person this cool.
besides Rocco Sifredi, never had known an italian cool enough, besides Cristiano. Ok, so he sent me this Stussy bomber jacket. I have no clue about the production year or anything, but will be my very first Alpha Industries jacket.
Thanks Cristiano, thanks Alpha, thanks Stussy.
I got more packages today will share with the world this week...too many good stuff to name in a post.

In 9 days in NYC. Be ready city.

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