jueves, septiembre 14, 2006

Back in town

Jeff staple can go to Japan...well, i was in Ibiza to make more moves and im already back for your personal pleasure.
Ibiza is one of Europe's party islands. Think about everything "bad": it happens there. Discos, sex, drugs... Thats island's fame. And thats why people goes there.
In Ibiza theres this boat that makes cruises for some days and the special thing about it is that people have sex in there while they drink beer and listen techno music. Amazing uh?
I feel like i want to make a whats cool and whats not list today. I think nobody will care but just in case I have to vent...

Whats cool:

1. Kicking it at a friend place and eat chinese food
2. Freshjive new line.
Cool graphics, fresh ideas.
3. Vodafone new Treo 750 antenna-less and cooler than my now dead 650.
4. Travelling with my laptop full of movies and Entourage episodes downloaded from the evil internet
5. Xbox 360 Far Cry
Not cool:
1. Obey tshirts. Dont like the cotton,shape and graphics.
2. Wack music collabos
3. Polka dots. Burned.
4. Maniac girls
5. I dont have an ipod video

All this under my personal vision...
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