domingo, septiembre 24, 2006

Arale. Rain. Burger King

What to expect from a rainny saturday? A car full of homies riding around the outers of the city. Burger King. 5 Arale Chan toys I bought. Malls. Pizza. Xbox 360 championships. Flamingo Club again. La Paloma dancing night.
One of the highlights of the day was the game we called "The cellphone game". We kept sending dirty messages to a friend that possibly will read this and she finally came to see who was the dirty guy sending her messages... The end of the night will remaind a mistery.

And for all of you that dont know yet, the SNTx Foreign Family collabo is coming out real soon. Stay tuned for an exclusive project hitting the plaza real soon...

And tomorrow Im out to Ibiza for a week. More travelling. Nike SB team tour with media to make an article. I will have to get a new skateboard to be able to skate a little bit in the island... I have no clue if I will have internet there

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