miércoles, julio 26, 2006

Mister Sancho. yes. Another chicano rap video.

Yeah another chicano rap video. Im pretty sure by the first one some people already hate me.
Well, I got some good reviews from Mr. Trippalot video so heres another one (for the haters), this time from this another unknown rapper called Mister Sancho.

And I have been having this conversation about why do I have a blog with Ruby, one smart and intelligent friend I have who always makes me consider decisions for the better, and thats why shes my friend... So there are a million (Probably way more than that) blogs out there. "Whats the point of doing a blog" she asked. I have no clue. Maybe an experiment to see how many people can come and read what I think sitting in my room? Maybe. A way to express the view from the forgotten Spain? For sure. One of the few answers I have is not to post the same stuff over and over and over again. I post my own stuff.
Kicked it with Yasi again this afternoon. Shes famous. Watch out for her hi-end jean store in Los Angeles. And soon Dubai. Cool lady. Oh, her loud and hyper cousin Nikki didnt come today with us. No chocolate stains this time. Pleasure to meet you famous girls.

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